Black Hat SEO Tactics Misfire

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“Search engine spammers rarely prosper. Sooner or later, they get caught. And when they do, it’s almost never pretty.” Read more   One of my clients — Mike Averbach of Averbach Mortgages has been targeted by several competitors using Black Hat SEO Tactics. The reason they are targeting him is because Averbach Mortgages is one of Vancouver’s top mortgage brokerage firms and has many of the top keyword rankings for the Vancouver and surrounding areas. The tactics have misfired, because Averbach consistently monitors his top Google rankings.  A few days ago when he searched his own name, he found that a competitor was using “Mike Averbach” and several other terms as tags in his blog.  The result was that the competitor’s name showed up linked to Mike’s name on page two of the Google rankings. A second competitor has used Mike’s name and company name as keywords that are triggering Google paid ads. The first black hat tactic is actually illegal in most US states and has been the focus of some very high profile legal cases. In Canada, civil law suits are quite different matter and since I’m not a lawyer I will “decline to comment.” Illegal or not, using a competitor’s personal name  or company name in tags or keyword metatags shows a lack of moral fiber.  Attempting to steal a competitor’s hard earned traffic is simply a NO NO. If you have found a competitor trying to steal YOUR traffic … what can you do? 1.  Write a “cease and desist” letter.  Sure you can send an email, but sending a hard copy is a good idea and registering your letter is an even better idea. 2. If you belong to a professional organization, let them know what is happening. They will probably get their ethics committee or board involved.  This may involve an investigation and censure. 3.  If that doesn’t produce results, get your lawyer to write a follow-up letter.  This will probably do the trick by scaring the pants off the offender. 4.  Your final recourse is a law suit.   What has Mike done?  Read Broker alleges espionage on the web.   There are NO good reasons to use Black Hat SEO techniques. ...

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Get Ranked in Google

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Getting a good rank in Google (preferably page one) is a matter of knowing what to do, and more importantly, consistently doing it. My business is SEO Consulting … and I’m going to share one of the tools I use to consistently get my clients in the top three rankings in Google. Getting ranked is a process. It is knowing what to do, when to do it and then … doing it. There are dozens of steps I take for my clients, but THE most important starting point is: Great Content Utilizing the content to optimize every single page of a website, and every single blog post. Great reader-focused content comes first. Your content is meant for a human audience. You must provide your visitors with relevant, interesting and well written material. Then you optimize the material for the search engines (aka Google). Do your keyword research. Utilize the keywords and arrange your content so that it is “attractive” to Google. Build links to your site. That’s basically it. Effectively and consistently do those three tasks, and you’ll achieve higher rankings and more targeted traffic. You do not have to be a SEO genius to utilize these steps. Many of my regular clients are too busy to do this work for themselves … so I do it for them. If you have the time, and are persistent, YOU can do the same thing for your own website or blog by using the same tool I use on a daily basis. Scribe SEO software. Users of Scribe SEO rave about increased search traffic, higher rankings, increased efficiency, and easy content optimization. Now you can join them in stepping up your traffic and search rankings. The reason I am telling you about this now is because up to November 5, 2010, you can get an amazing deal on Scribe. Subscribe at one level and you will automatically be bumped up to the next subscription level. That means you get a higher value Scribe plan for the price of the plan below it. This represents amazing savings off the regular Scribe pricing. Before I send you over to the site to learn more about Scribe, you need to remember STEPUP. That’s the...

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How To Triple Your Newsletter Subscribers

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I have been testing out a new blog (wordpress) plug-in that promised to double or even triple the number of subscribers signing up to one’s newsletter. Ever the skeptic, I didn’t really believe it, but given the 60 day money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a go. Since I already had a pop-up subscribe panel installed, I thought I was doing pretty good. To be honest I thought I’d be asking for my money back. In the past 30 days, the new Subscribers Magnet plug-in has increased the number of my subscribers by a factor of three. Yup, three times the number of subscribers with no increase in the amount of traffic to my Blog. The Subscribers Magnet plug-in has a number of different features. So far, I have only used half of them … a few of them seemed just a bit too aggressive for me, but given the results I just might give them a try. Here is what the Subscribers Magnet plug-in can do: Create a pop-up panel. You can program the timing. For example you might want the pop-up to only show once … or you can program it to pop up every new page, which is sure to drive your visitors crazy! Create a sign-up panel for your side bar. You may already have one of these, but if it is too subtle it is probably not doing the job. Create a panel that slides up from the bottom of the screen. Again, you can program this for varying time frequencies. Create panels that show up in each blog post. Add in an email autoresponder that welcomes first time commenters to your blog Create panel in the comments section of your blog posts. Works with Constant Contact, Aweber, GetResponse and other major email program. There is a really nifty feature that auto-fills the sign up panel fields, with the visitors name and email address. This works ONLY if the visitor has made a comment in one of your posts. In my 30 day test, I kept my original pop-up panel, and used Subscribers Magnet to generate: 1. A bottom slide up panel 2. A sidebar subscribe panel 3. A subscribe panel at...

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163 Social Media Sites

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Here is a list of 163 Social Media sites. The reason I’m sending you to this list is … Backlinks. One of the things we do at “Focus on Traffic” is create hundreds of one-way, in-coming links (backlinks) to our client’s websites. Some backlinks get you a BIT of juice, while other links get you a LOT of juice. The more juice you have in your container, the better chance you have of getting higher rankings on Google. Go and sign up for each of the social marketing sites and create yourself some juice. You don’t have to do all of them, nor do you have to do them all at once. Pick a few and do one a day. It will slowly add up....

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Search Engines LOVE Blogs

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I constantly have clients asking, “What can I do to help get better rankings in Google?” My immediate answer is: 1) Start a blog (your blog MUST be part of your website. E.g. ) 2) Add posts to your blog on a regular basis Once your blog is set up, you don’t need ANY technical knowledge to add posts or pages to it. If you can cobble up a document in Microsoft Word, you can add and edit blog posts. Blogs make it easy to create and edit pages, put photos on your site, offer products for sale, and even add ads. Have I convinced you? Well … here’s the BIG thing. You need to maintain your blog on a regular basis. If you are not prepared to maintain your blog, don’t install one … there is nothing worse than a dead blog. How often should you post? A few times a month is minimum. Better yet is once a week or even more often. The good news is … you don’t have to do it ALL yourself. If you have staff, ask for volunteers, or assign your best writer to make regular additions to your blog. Hire a freelance writer. Invite guest bloggers … for example, if you are a real estate agent, invite your favorite mortgage broker to add a few guest posts. And of course, YOU should also be blogging. What should you blog about? One of the purposes of a blog, is to let your personality (or your business personality) shine through. People want to do business with REAL people. That’s what they should find at your blog. You can include: Interesting tidbits about your company News about your employees, new clients, new projects Helpful information Quirky information News about your industry Suggested resources Case Studies Customer testimonials Occasional off topic rants, raves and opinions (be careful here) Guest bloggers (keep them ON topic) THIS POST is a perfect example. My business is all about “getting website traffic.” I use a variety of techniques includind SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and any other kind of Internet Marketing technique that works. The posts you will see on Focus On Traffic … will be about “all...

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