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Get More Publicity

By on Jan 29, 2012 in Publicity | 0 comments

If you are looking for ways to get your name into the media, check out Help A Reporter Out  (HARO). Reporters and professional bloggers submit their questions, ask for quotes from experts and look for story sources.  YOU as the topic expert, submit your answers, quotes or information and connect with the reporter. This is a fabulous way for the reporters to get fast answers to their inquiries, and a great way for you to position yourself as an expert. There are over 29,000 reporters registered with HARO  … and they ask over 200 questions a day. Here is a quote that pretty well says it all!   “HARO has helped put us on the map! From responding to journalist’s inquiries, we have gotten articles posted, radio interviews, and an opportunity to drive members to our knowledge network. HARO is a real resource and a door opener for business.” Amy Kopelan The Guru Nation If you want to appear in the media more often, do check it out.  There is a free option as well as several paid options....

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Should I Send a Press Kit to the Media

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I’ve been asked this question in numerous ways: How do I send a press kit to a news paper? Should I send my press kit to the Media? Should I attach my press kit to my media release? Basically, you should never SEND your press kit to any member of the media without having first been asked. You will get labeled as a spammer and your attached documents will never be opened. When someone requests your press kit, ask them what format they want the information in. Most reporters will ask for electronic files sent via email (PDF files, photo files, Word.doc files or even a zip file). A few reporters may actually ask for a “real paper” press kit. If you send them something in the mail, address the envelope directly to the reporter and write “requested information” somewhere on the envelope. If you are sending a book or CD for review, be sure to also include your paper Press Kit so that everything is together in one package. The absolute BEST solution is to have the various components of your Press Kit available on your website. You should have several resolutions of your photo available for download, your information sheets should be available in PDF and .DOC versions and if you really want to get elegant, you can bundle everything up in one ZIP file. Most reporters will prefer coming to your Media page to download whatever they need. If you are asked for your Press Kit be sure to let the reporter know that everything is available on your website, in case they have trouble opening your email...

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Your Press Kit

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Several of my clients have been in the news lately. One of them gets amazing coverage through the local and national news media … and the other is regularly interviewed by magazines, newspaper articles and the news media. HOW you get this kind of coverage is the topic of a different post (to come) … but before you start looking for publicity you should have all your media information in one place, so that when you get asked, you are ready. All the information you collect should go in your “Press Kit” … which is a collection of material you use to “sell” yourself to the media. You may send the whole Press Kit to some members of the media, and only “parts” of your Kit to others. Having everything you need in one place will save you loads of time, money and stress! Having your Press Kit ready and up-to-date at all times will help you get more interviews. Most members of the media are on tight deadlines, when they want something, they want it NOW … not two days from now. Your Press Kit should consist of: 1. A really FABULOUS headshot of yourself. This should be available in several resolutions … from a high resolution version that can be used by the print media, to a lower resolution version that can be used on websites. 2. IF you are promoting a product, you need some great photos of your product … a few different shots, different sizes and a choice of high resolution and web resolutions. 3. You need a well written BIO, this should include information about yourself and your company. These could be combined, or totally separate. i.e. a company profile/bio and your personal profile/bio. You MUST include your personal bio at a minimum. The media is interviewing YOU, not your company! 4. Depending on the media coverage you are looking for, you should include a Question/Answer Sheet. These are most often used on radio interviews. I’ve had radio hosts go down my list of questions and ask every single one of of my questions, in the order I’ve presented them. Q&A Sheets are more appropriate to promoting a book, or a service, or...

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