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Getting Things Done

By on Apr 5, 2010 in Get It Done | 0 comments

I have been STRUGGLING more and more lately. Trying to get through each day with a feeling of actually having accomplished something … anything. I finally decided I had to get into action and figure out what was going on. On my desk I have a notebook and a timer. The timer is set for 15 min intervals. When the beeper goes off, I write down what I have been doing for the past 15 minutes. It took only two days to see that one of the BIG problems was my email. I have been spending hours and hours going through my emails, several times a day. I get HUNDREDS of emails a day, not including spam. And even though I wasn’t reading most of them, it was still taking gobs and gobs of time to process them into various file folders. Conquering the email problem has become my main mission. Everyday as I get emails, I decide do I really want this newsletter? If I do, I am changing the email address … so that all newsletters automatically go into my newsletter folder. I am deleting a huge number of ezines I never read and am automatically shuttling a few of my “affiliate” and “joint venture” partners into another file folder. So far I have been doing this for five days and it looks like SUCCESS is on the horizon. Today I only got 30 emails when I opened my in-box. My intention is to keep on deleting and/or changing subscriptions until I ONLY get friends or clients in my inbox. What a blessing in time and energy that will be. IF you too are struggling with information overload: 1. Get yourself a notebook and a timer and diligently figure out where you are spending your time. Find YOUR time wasters. 2. Set up two or three different email addresses. Use ONE for your clients and friends. Use #TWO for newsletter subscriptions. Open these only when you have time (this IS a joke!) OR when you have purposefully scheduled time for this. 3. Set up #THREE for other stuff that is relevant to your business. For example, you could use this on your business card and filter all...

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