Turn Your Keywords Into Affiliate Links

Turn Your Keywords Into Affiliate Links

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Ninja AffiliateThis article is for bloggers who want to automatically turn all their keywords into affiliate links, but don’t know how.

Time is a big concern for me, so I am always looking for (and testing) solutions to save me not only time, but also cut the effort, energy and frustration.

One of the programs I constantly use is  called Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate   and I can’t imagine life without it anymore!

Let me share with you a few KEY features about this 100% plug-n-play application:

First of all, it enables automatic conversion of keywords into affiliate links, instantly. You can now update any keyword on your blog with the affiliate link of your choice, on all posts, in a split second!

Secondly, it helps you create professional redirect links – instead of promoting a long and ugly url, you’re having the option to setup a shorter link on your domain name which re-directs to the url of your choice.

And guess what? It also helps you fight affiliate commission theft. These online pirates would do anything just to steal your commissions and disappear in the night.

With Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate you’re 100% armored.

I think this is a tool for every affiliate wanting to save time and money for real. So it’s in your best interest to download this tool today; each second counts!

P.S. I forgot to mention this – you’re guaranteed to receive FREE on going upgrades for your copy of MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate! Grab your copy, before your competitors find out!

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