Search Engines LOVE Blogs

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I constantly have clients asking, “What can I do to help get better rankings in Google?”

My immediate answer is:

1) Start a blog (your blog MUST be part of your website. E.g. )

2) Add posts to your blog on a regular basis

Once your blog is set up, you don’t need ANY technical knowledge to add posts or pages to it. If you can cobble up a document in Microsoft Word, you can add and edit blog posts. Blogs make it easy to create and edit pages, put photos on your site, offer products for sale, and even add ads.

Have I convinced you? Well … here’s the BIG thing. You need to maintain your blog on a regular basis. If you are not prepared to maintain your blog, don’t install one … there is nothing worse than a dead blog.

How often should you post?

A few times a month is minimum. Better yet is once a week or even more often.

The good news is … you don’t have to do it ALL yourself.

If you have staff, ask for volunteers, or assign your best writer to make regular additions to your blog. Hire a freelance writer. Invite guest bloggers … for example, if you are a real estate agent, invite your favorite mortgage broker to add a few guest posts. And of course, YOU should also be blogging.

What should you blog about?

One of the purposes of a blog, is to let your personality (or your business personality) shine through. People want to do business with REAL people. That’s what they should find at your blog. You can include:

  • Interesting tidbits about your company
  • News about your employees, new clients, new projects
  • Helpful information
  • Quirky information
  • News about your industry
  • Suggested resources
  • Case Studies
  • Customer testimonials
  • Occasional off topic rants, raves and opinions (be careful here)
  • Guest bloggers (keep them ON topic)

THIS POST is a perfect example. My business is all about “getting website traffic.” I use a variety of techniques includind SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and any other kind of Internet Marketing technique that works.

The posts you will see on Focus On Traffic … will be about “all of the above” and more. You will notice that I have definite opinions about almost everything and that I am not afraid to tell you what they are. One of the results of revealing my “personality” is that the clients I attract will be a perfect match for me.

OK … so change of subject. Back to the Title. Search Engines LOVE Blogs.

Why? Because SE’s love to see movement, growth, and participation on a websites. The more often you add posts, the more often the spiders or “bots” come to visit. Presumably your blog posts will use some of your keywords, which will help the SE’s give you better rankings.

That’s it for now. A lot MORE to come.

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