How To Find and Follow Someone on Twitter

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Got this question from a client today. Since it is a common question from new twitter users, I thought I’d share.

How do I find and follow someone on twitter?

1. Go to your twitter account:

2. Log in: user: your-twitter-name Pass: your-twitter-password

IF you know the name of the twitter account:
1. Visit the page of the account (person) you want to follow: xxxxxxx is the account (persons) name.
2. At the top of the account page is the account name and photo/logo/avatar …. right under that is a button labeled “Follow.” Click on Follow.

IF you do not know the name of the account, you can try searching for it. Here are three ways to search:

Use Twitters “Find People” Search
1. At the top of every twitter account is a menu bar. Look for “Find People”
2. Enter the name of whom ever you are looking for.

Use the Twitter Search Engine:
** Note, I don’t think the twitter search engine is as good as it could be!
1. Go to
2. Enter the name of the person you are searching for.
3. If the account comes up in the search results … click on it and then click on “follow”

Use Google:
1. Go to
2. Search for: First name + Last name + twitter i.e. Melanie Rockett twitter

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