Why You Should Join Google+

Google+ continues to grow. It now has 62 million members, and according one analyst it’s growing by 625,000 a day.  Predictions are that it will have over 300 million members by the end of 2012. If you have a business, you really need to consider joining Google+ with a Business Profile. Take 2.5 minutes to [...]

Tips and Tricks for Google+

Here are some great tips on how to make your Google+ a great experience. Lou includes tip on: how to add or mention people how to edit how to send private messages how to turn off circle sharing (so other people can’t see who is in your circles how to get a more attractive Google+ [...]

Getting Started With Google+

If you already have ANY kind of google account (gmail, google docs, adwords, adsense, google analytics) you just need to log into your account and look for the Google+ page link. If you don’t have any existing google accounts, sign up for your Googe+ account here: https://plus.google.com/ The video below is a great introduction into [...]