Should I Send a Press Kit to the Media

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I’ve been asked this question in numerous ways:

How do I send a press kit to a news paper?
Should I send my press kit to the Media?
Should I attach my press kit to my media release?

Basically, you should never SEND your press kit to any member of the media without having first been asked. You will get labeled as a spammer and your attached documents will never be opened.

When someone requests your press kit, ask them what format they want the information in. Most reporters will ask for electronic files sent via email (PDF files, photo files, Word.doc files or even a zip file).

A few reporters may actually ask for a “real paper” press kit. If you send them something in the mail, address the envelope directly to the reporter and write “requested information” somewhere on the envelope. If you are sending a book or CD for review, be sure to also include your paper Press Kit so that everything is together in one package.

The absolute BEST solution is to have the various components of your Press Kit available on your website. You should have several resolutions of your photo available for download, your information sheets should be available in PDF and .DOC versions and if you really want to get elegant, you can bundle everything up in one ZIP file.

Most reporters will prefer coming to your Media page to download whatever they need. If you are asked for your Press Kit be sure to let the reporter know that everything is available on your website, in case they have trouble opening your email attachments.

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