Get More Publicity

If you are looking for ways to get your name into the media, check out Help A Reporter Out  (HARO). Reporters and professional bloggers submit their questions, ask for quotes from experts and look for story sources.  YOU as the topic expert, submit your answers, quotes or information and connect with the reporter. This is [...]

Should I Send a Press Kit to the Media

I’ve been asked this question in numerous ways: How do I send a press kit to a news paper? Should I send my press kit to the Media? Should I attach my press kit to my media release? Basically, you should never SEND your press kit to any member of the media without having first [...]

Your Press Kit

Several of my clients have been in the news lately. One of them gets amazing coverage through the local and national news media … and the other is regularly interviewed by magazines, newspaper articles and the news media. HOW you get this kind of coverage is the topic of a different post (to come) … [...]