How To Triple Your Newsletter Subscribers

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I have been testing out a new blog (wordpress) plug-in that promised to double or even triple the number of subscribers signing up to one’s newsletter.

Ever the skeptic, I didn’t really believe it, but given the 60 day money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a go.

Since I already had a pop-up subscribe panel installed, I thought I was doing pretty good. To be honest I thought I’d be asking for my money back.

In the past 30 days, the new Subscribers Magnet plug-in has increased the number of my subscribers by a factor of three. Yup, three times the number of subscribers with no increase in the amount of traffic to my Blog.

The Subscribers Magnet plug-in has a number of different features. So far, I have only used half of them … a few of them seemed just a bit too aggressive for me, but given the results I just might give them a try.

Here is what the Subscribers Magnet plug-in can do:

  1. Create a pop-up panel. You can program the timing. For example you might want the pop-up to only show once … or you can program it to pop up every new page, which is sure to drive your visitors crazy!
  2. Create a sign-up panel for your side bar. You may already have one of these, but if it is too subtle it is probably not doing the job.
  3. Create a panel that slides up from the bottom of the screen. Again, you can program this for varying time frequencies.
  4. Create panels that show up in each blog post.
  5. Add in an email autoresponder that welcomes first time commenters to your blog
  6. Create panel in the comments section of your blog posts.
  7. Works with Constant Contact, Aweber, GetResponse and other major email program.
  8. There is a really nifty feature that auto-fills the sign up panel fields, with the visitors name and email address. This works ONLY if the visitor has made a comment in one of your posts.

In my 30 day test, I kept my original pop-up panel, and used Subscribers Magnet to generate:

1. A bottom slide up panel

2. A sidebar subscribe panel

3. A subscribe panel at the bottom of every post

4. A thank you for commenting email that is sent to all new commenters.

With those 4 additions, my sign-up rate has tripled.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose with the 60 day money-back guarantee. You have everything to gain, if your subscriber rate doubles or even triples!

Subscribers Magnet

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