My First Client KISS

My First Client KISS

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I used to do corporate writing and video production work for humongous companies. In the xx (classified) number of years I did production work I was rarely ever thanked.  In fact I did a video that was given a standing ovation from an audience that included the Prime Minister of Canada and never got so much as a verbal thank you from the corporate executives I worked with.

When I changed my focus to the Internet I also changed the types of companies I work with.  No more billion-dollar mega-giants. No more Fortune 500’s.  Instead I work with start-ups, solo entrepreneurs and small to medium sized companies.

When I switched over, the gratification was instant.  I now get thanked all the time.  I get hugged by my clients.  I get invited into their homes. I go out for dinner and Big Mac cholesterol dumps with them. I have clients that are excited by the first call that comes directly off the Internet.  I have clients that have grown their companies by ten times and more.  Even though I could charge a heck of a lot more than I do, I don’t, because I LOVE working with my clients.  I love seeing their companies grow and I love getting thank yous, big grins and hugs.

Last week I got my first client KISS.  It was very public and very, very sweet.

Kissed By a Client

I’ll set the scene for you.  I belong to a business mastermind that meets once a month. Over time all the mastermind members have also become clients.  Last week, in the middle of a meeting one of our members got up … came over to me and gave me a big warm kiss … right smack on the top of my forehead.

After much laughter, he proceeded to tell us that in the last week he had received several calls for his services directly due to Google searches.  If he made the sales it would result in well over a hundred thousand in start up fees.   WOW.

I’d love to take all the credit for what was an amazing turn around, but I’ll tell the truth instead!  Yes, SEO put his website in front of people who counted … people who had a budget and who were interested in buying.

However, the important thing to note is that once I got the traffic to the website … the website CONVERTED that traffic into qualified calls.

A website’ design can attract visitors, it can also “weed out” unqualified tire kickers. The website content provided enough information so that visitors can say “THIS is what I need and want.”  The website copy compels those qualified visitors to pick up the phone and make the call, or open their email program and make the inquiry.

BOTTOM LINE?  You’ve got to have both.  Your website has to keep visitors interested, it has to CONVERT qualified visitors and it has to compel them to take action.  You also need TRAFFIC.  No traffic, no conversions, no sales.

I love getting hugs from clients, but now I’m converted and want MORE kisses!


PS.  I am the recipient of the big kiss … aka the kissee … my friend, client and the kisser is Dave ChildsDave Childs is an amazingly talented brander and brand marketing strategist. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him because he truly is a branding wizard. Be sure to check out his website Living Blueprint.  It is an example of pure elegance, functionality and conversion.

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