Traffic Strategies

If you have a website, you need traffic. There are dozens and dozens of ways of getting traffic. Your best strategy is to utilize at least seven different marketing tactics, so that if one stops working the others are still bringing in the business. It’s not just ANY traffic. You need targeted and focused traffic. You need visitors [...]

The One Page Proposal

How to Get Your Business Pitch onto One Persuasive Page I go into a state of angst every time I have to write a proposal. When a friend recommended The One Page Proposal book, I immediately downloaded the Kindle version (I wanted it NOW!). I LOVE it.  The premise is that we are all busy [...]

My First Client KISS

I used to do corporate writing and video production work for humongous companies. In the xx (classified) number of years I did production work I was rarely ever thanked.  In fact I did a video that was given a standing ovation from an audience that included the Prime Minister of Canada and never got so [...]

Risky Business

As all entrepreneurs know, just being in business is a risk.  Everyday we make decisions that impact our business, our lives and our lifestyle. The other day I was re-reading a book by Nido Qubein in which he talks about risk management. In order to manage risk  he suggests asking three questions: 1.  What’s the [...]