Traffic Strategies

If you have a website, you need traffic. There are dozens and dozens of ways of getting traffic. Your best strategy is to utilize at least seven different marketing tactics, so that if one stops working the others are still bringing in the business. It’s not just ANY traffic. You need targeted and focused traffic. You need visitors [...]

The One Page Proposal

How to Get Your Business Pitch onto One Persuasive Page I go into a state of angst every time I have to write a proposal. When a friend recommended The One Page Proposal book, I immediately downloaded the Kindle version (I wanted it NOW!). I LOVE it.  The premise is that we are all busy [...]

Marketing Success with Social Media

I had the pleasure of chatting with Halit Bozdogan who is an online marketer  for Appliances Online.   When he told me of the extraordinary success of their Facebook Business  page … I asked him to tell the story of their success with using  social media for customer communication. A bit of a confession here … [...]

My First Client KISS

I used to do corporate writing and video production work for humongous companies. In the xx (classified) number of years I did production work I was rarely ever thanked.  In fact I did a video that was given a standing ovation from an audience that included the Prime Minister of Canada and never got so [...]

New Marketing Trifecta

If you are not utilizing all three tools in the Trifecta, you may be out of business before you even get started!   by Flowtown. Browse more data visualizations.    

Black Hat SEO Tactics Misfire

“Search engine spammers rarely prosper. Sooner or later, they get caught. And when they do, it’s almost never pretty.” Read more   One of my clients — Mike Averbach of Averbach Mortgages has been targeted by several competitors using Black Hat SEO Tactics. The reason they are targeting him is because Averbach Mortgages is one [...]

Turn Your Keywords Into Affiliate Links

This article is for bloggers who want to automatically turn all their keywords into affiliate links, but don’t know how. Time is a big concern for me, so I am always looking for (and testing) solutions to save me not only time, but also cut the effort, energy and frustration. One of the programs I [...]

How To Find and Follow Someone on Twitter

Got this question from a client today. Since it is a common question from new twitter users, I thought I’d share. “How do I find and follow someone on twitter?” 1. Go to your twitter account: 2. Log in: user: your-twitter-name Pass: your-twitter-password IF you know the name of the twitter account: 1. Visit [...]

Why You Should Join Google+

Google+ continues to grow. It now has 62 million members, and according one analyst it’s growing by 625,000 a day.  Predictions are that it will have over 300 million members by the end of 2012. If you have a business, you really need to consider joining Google+ with a Business Profile. Take 2.5 minutes to [...]

Get More Publicity

If you are looking for ways to get your name into the media, check out Help A Reporter Out  (HARO). Reporters and professional bloggers submit their questions, ask for quotes from experts and look for story sources.  YOU as the topic expert, submit your answers, quotes or information and connect with the reporter. This is [...]